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Build your own custom emergency communication application 

25 million patients in the US with limited English proficiency 
experience inequitable health care, sometimes with devastating outcomes

Professional interpreter are hard to connect with, especially for less common languages, dangerously limiting communication. Poor communication also affects clinicians’ understanding of patients’ complaints, which complicates diagnoses and interventions, prompts inadequate or excessive testing, and, when compared to English-proficient patients, results in differences in length of stay and increased morbidity and mortality(2).


With E-Reo, create efficient  language reference apps in all the languages you need, including indigenous languages, without writing a line of code or managing translations.

Key words and expressions, images, and audio at your fingertips.

Applications you build with E-Reo are offline, optimized for efficiency, enabling use anytime, anywhere.

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Native iOS and Android applications

Designed for

Offline Use.

Your content in up to 7,000 languages

Advanced User Pivacy. HIPAA compliant.

Organize content, create and publish apps in 3 simple steps, no code involved.


Upload, organize, choose languages

Upload your content from spreadsheets, data files, or enter it directly. Organize by categories, themes, tags, and we get the content translated into any number of languages, including languages that are not available for automated translation. We coordinate the translation process, working with your domain experts and external translators as needed. 

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Choose an app template and customize it

Choose content, colors, logos, icons... The name E-Reo will only be mentioned at the bottom of the info section. 

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Publish and update

Deploy your app on the application stores with a click! You will receive an invitation to test the app within 48 hours, and upon your approval the app will go to productions on the app stores. You can update the content at any moment and click the update button for everyone to receive an invitation to download the update. 

One license to do it all

With E-Reo, you gain control over your expenditures.

with 1 month of free trial, then $125 per month, you get:

  • Unlimited access to the platform.

  • Access to all current and future application templates.

  • One-click app stores publication with unlimited number of users.

  • Multilingual translation services management.

  • Maintenance and availability of your applications across chosen countries.

  • Support provided by friendly human experts.

  • All the data is yours, well structured in an open-source format making it easy to use with any other software. Your data is never shared or exposed to third parties.

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5 avenue Paraita

Papeete, French Polynesia

US Distribution

Alterference LLC

Sunnyvale, California

copyright E-Reo 2024

General Enquiries

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(1) Diamond L, Izquierdo K, Canfield D, Matsoukas K, Gany F. (2019). A systematic review of the impact of patient-physician non-English language concordance on quality of care and outcomes. J Gen Intern Med. 2019;34(8):1591-1606.

(2) Espinoza J, MD, and Derrington S., MD, MA, HEC-C (2021). How Should Clinicians Respond to Language Barriers That Exacerbate Health Inequity? AMA Journal of Ethics. 

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