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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of creating and maintaining the applications? 

A: Creating and maintaining applications comes at no extra cost – it's all included in your license. With that license, you have the ability to create each and every app in our catalog. We take care of publishing them on Google Play and Apple Store, ensuring their maintenance, and facilitating updates up to twice a month if you modify the linguistic content of the applications.

Q: Does E-Reo own the rights to the language via using this software?

A: At E-Reo, we firmly believe in granting complete control and ownership of linguistic data to its providers. Our role is to provide tools that empower you to showcase your data effectively – we do not claim ownership of that data. All content you input into the platform remains yours, and accessible to you at any time. We ensure it can be retrieved in a format that facilitates its use with any other software, regardless of your license status.

Q: With my licence, do I have to choose which app I want to create?

A: The license provides the opportunity to create every single app in our current (and future) catalog. You are not limited to choosing just one – you can craft them all! 

Q: Are the applications free for my users?

A: You have the flexibility to decide whether your apps will be available for free, have restricted distribution, or be offered as paid options.

Q: Will the applications be branded with my name?

A: Our applications are like customizable shells. You not only provide the content in your language but also have the freedom to choose the app's colors, name, icon, and even incorporate your logo if available. As a result, the app will seamlessly match your brand's identity and appearance.

Q: What if I want to add content to my apps after they're published?

A: We understand that maintaining and updating applications can be a significant challenge when outsourcing their production. Correcting errors, improving content, adding images or audio – these tasks often prove complex. Our platform is designed to empower you in this regard. To enhance your apps over time, simply edit the corpus on the admin platform and click the 'update content' button. After a few days, the changes will automatically reflect in the mobile app, incurring no additional cost. Furthermore, your users will be notified of the updated content when they open their app while their phone is connected to the internet.

Q: What if I have limited data to start with? What's the minimum amount of data required to create an app?

A: Because we prioritize easy content updates, you can begin with minimal data and gradually expand over time. While the weather and calculator apps necessitate specific data, the other applications can be initiated with a minimum of 30 entries to ensure engaging functionality. A simple approach is to select essential vocabulary from your culture, organized by themes such as plants, animals, or greetings, and input at least 7 to 10 entries for each theme. Enhance user experience by incorporating these words into sentences. If you're unsure where to begin, feel free to reach out – we're here to offer guidance and suggestions!

Q: What if I've already collected data? Can I utilize it to generate the applications?

A: Our platform has the capability to incorporate pre-existing data, provided it's formatted to be compatible. The current version of the platform supports uploads of spreadsheets and JSON files, accommodating not only textual but also audio and image data. If you possess data in other formats such as Word, PDF, or paper, don't hesitate to inform us. We can assess the formatting effort required and potentially offer data formatting as a service.

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