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Create your own indigenous language
digital experiences

E-Reo is an online toolkit for creating impactful mobile applications that favor the use and learning of indigenous languages.

Data Sovereignty

Offline or low-bandwidth

Easy to update


Our mission: To provide a next-generation toolkit for indigenous language champions

We started with our own native language, Tahitian, four years ago. We have then created E-Reo, making the tools we have designed available to all communities protecting their language and culture. Our mission is to make E-Reo a major instrument of preservation and revitalization of indigenous languages. 

We believe that trust and respect must be at the core of our products. You own and manage your data and the design of the mobile applications you create. Your users are respected too: no tracking, no third party advertising, and they don't even need an Internet connection for most applications.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Our application-building toolkit doesn't require expertise in IT or linguistics. E-Reo comes with friendly yet powerful interfaces to design, populate, publish and update your indigenous language learning applications.

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Gather Your Content

1. Enter Language Content 


Select and customize applications

2. Customize your apps


Make the apps available on app stores

3. Deploy in one click


Update your applications

4. Edit, add, enhance


E-Reo applications templates

Empowerment is in your hands – with a single E-Reo licence, you can customize and launch any or all apps from our ever-expanding collection, aligning perfectly with your preferences.

Immersive apps

A Language-Infused Experience


Your everyday tools, like a weather app or calculator, transformed by the essence of your native language and culture. These apps seamlessly blend utility with linguistic and cultural richness.

Reference app

Your Language Compass


Designed to help you locate words and expressions within the app. Whether you're beginning from a fragment or utilizing a swift and effective search by theme, these apps put your language at your fingertips.

Learning app

A Personalized Language Journey


Crafted for those who seek an interactive language learning experience filled with enjoyment. These apps merge effectiveness with entertainment, ensuring a tailored experience on the language learning path.

Cultural content app

The all-in-one content and language app

Untitled design (1).png

Combines linguistic references, learning game and rich content. The content can be organized in categories and sub-categories, with images, long texts, long recordings... all that's needed for an in-depth learning experience.


Trusted by Indigenous Communities

Our app development tools have been trusted by indigenous communities around the world. With E-Reo, you can create e-learning applications that fit your community's needs.


Mayrose Munar,
COO Kaunalewa

The E-Reo mobile app teaches traditional Hawaiian wisdom, restoring connection to ancestral traditions and inviting the world to cultivate healthy relationships with the land, the people, and the environment.


Ihirau P.
Tahitian learner

The game to learn Tahitian makes it easy to listen to Tahitian that is neither too colloquial nor too academic. It's a headache-free way to learn the language. Even just two minutes a day on the app can help you build a basic knowledge of specific expressions and vocabulary. It's a great help for those who don't have much time to devote to learning Tahitian. 


Suzie Bearune, 
Associate Professor, University of New Caledonia

Developing digital tools in Kanak languages is critical in both promoting and increasing awareness of these languages. It also inspires speakers to reclaim their language and feel proud to see it displayed on their mobile devices.


Alice Armenio Coïc
Publisher, Skol an Emsav

The administrator interface is very clean and easy to use. There's no need for further software development: for beginners like me, it's a fantastic tool!


Gwenael Dage 

Director, Skol an Emsav

The platform's structure enabled us to go live very quickly. In just 2 months, the apps were online.


Everything you need to get you started

No surprise, no hidden cost. Our Basalt offer has everything you need to get your mobile applications in the hand of your community with unlimited content, up to 5 mobile applications with unlimited updates, starting at $1,000/year.

What's Included in Your Basalt Licence

  • Access to Admin Interface:

Gain entry to the administrator's interface, allowing you to effortlessly input and manage your data, which remains yours and only yours.

  • Full App Catalog Access:

Harness the ability to generate any and all apps listed in our catalog, both current and forthcoming.

  • Regular Content Updates:

Enjoy the luxury of unlimited content updates for your apps, ensuring your content stays fresh.

  • Seamless Deployment and Maintenance:

Experience a hassle-free process as we handle the deployment, app store presence, maintenance, and operational costs, all covered with complete transparency. No hidden charges.


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